Sarah can help you on a one to one basis or as part of a group workshop

how can Sarah help You?

Sarah can help you understand better which leads to Empowerment

Sarah’s first book in Kindle and Paperback

Sarah’s second book in Paperback

Sarah counsels people using her intuition and life experiences.

Sarah can help you on a one to one basis or as part of a group workshop. She has helped many people to find their way back and appease there emotional state and give them suggestions on how to be helped and of course tips they can take forwards to help themselves.

What is counselling and how can Sarah help You?

Counselling brings forward and temporarily focuses us on the past as a way of making sense of the present.


Counselling is about explaining emotions your emotions perhaps through dreams or specific events, your feelings and reactions, and then the experiences in the mix and how they make us the people we are today


The premise is by understanding an event in your life and that maybe having a traumatic impact or emotional resonance and by working through the associated emotions, we can reduce its power on us and having ways of framing and acknowledging and eventually controlling it and move nearer to fulfilling our potential as human beings.


In trauma such as divorce or bereavement counselling can help by unravelling the complex blend of emotions they have about such events.

By, identifying that feeling and giving it expression, at that time of realisation, it loses its power.


For a one on one session Sarah offers half an hour free.

Sarah charges £35 an hour up to five weeks to initially start to work on the trauma or emotional issue and a further 5 to guide and advice to a conclusion for you to work with.

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